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Dylan Smith
I did not grow up with my diabetes. However, my brother was diagnosed as a type one diabetic in his teens. My endocrinologist believes that I had diabetes for 18 months before being diagnosed and ...
Natalia Skuza
I was diagnosed just after my 21st birthday. I had been sick for years, and doctors did not pick up on me having diabetes until after my 21st I said, "Enough is enough." I went ...
I am part of the T1D runner team. Running, playing basketball, and swimming is a big part of my life. Also, traveling, doing multiple sports, and my interest in business is half of my life. ...

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We interview people living with diabetes and share the stories behind their lives. By sharing these stories, we want to help others to learn about diabetes. Don't hesitate to share your own and tell us more about your challenges, tips & tricks while living your life with diabetes. 

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